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Trailer 'If you can't join them, beat them'

This is a small fragment from my animation "If you can't join them, beat them".

A freshly peeled onion is looking for friendship. Unfortunately, all his encounters lead to great disappointments because he makes everyone cry. The animation, a dark tragicomedy, consists of two episodes about two different ways of dealing with rejection; crawl back in your shell or take revenge. The animation is an absurd magnification of the pain that one experiences when one feels rejected, the pain that can cause unkindness and fantasies of revenge or helplessness

The Droplets

A minimalistic animation about the most important thing in life: LOVE. If you find someone (your partner, your child, your pet ...) very attractive or very cute, you may feel the urge to eat them. I for instance feel the urge to eat my cat Pacho when he is sleeping on my desk with his little round cute soft body. Strange ... yes ... but apparently a normal response to too much cuteness and it is called: cute aggression.

"Cute aggression is defined as the urge some people get to squeeze, crush, or bite cute things, albeit without any desire to cause harm". (Rebecca Dyer , Oriana Aragón, Yale)

"Just like nervous laughter or tears of joys, cute aggression can help us regulate our emotions and maintain and steady state of mind after an extreme and unsustainable emotional reaction" (source:, Matt Essert)


Back to nature

Feel free to project your own thoughts.

For me, creating animations means: artistic freedom, telling short stories, technical challenges and a lot of attention to details. I create animations about pressing issues and big emotions, inspired by nature & human behaviour.